Saturday, 29 August 2015

Cliff-Top Space

I wonder if you too get an almost inexpressible feeling on a grassy cliff-top looking out and down across the sea, hearing the stiff breeze in your ears and the sound of the sea way below you? It's a particular state of mind - state of being, I'd say.

I guess it relates to the great and empty space before you, the absence of other people. It's very beautiful - but what does that mean?

It brings on that mental state of being right in the present,  of being in unity with... It all. A state that can't be willed; it's there all the time. The sea, the breeze, the grasses and wild-flowers, the space and distance - they absorb the stuff that usually gets between It and me.

(A mobile phone video is a pretty feeble reminder, but it's better than nothing. And in human terms, nothing is what happens in this little clip, which is rather the point.)

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