Thursday, 7 January 2016

what the weather said

The forecasters are having a hard time lately. "Sunny spells. 30% chance of a shower" was the word for Snowdon today, from 09:00 onwards. Sitting in the cars and watching horizontal rain and sleet at 11:00 was - dispiriting. We like walking in the hills in mixed weather, but we are not masochists. So this was as near as we got to Snowdon today:

a photo from Beddgelert Forest. We got a bit of shelter walking along tracks amongst the trees, and eventually the weather did, mostly, clear, giving some good views. 

I guess some walkers might have felt frustrated, but there was a general feeling that we'd had a good little walk, it was grand being out amongst it, and we've all been up Snowdon a good few times, so no sense of desperation, no drive to get up there whatever the weather.

I think what the weather said was "be in the present, stay with what is,  make the most of it and don't fuss about what isn't." (i.e. the possibility of hypothermia at 1,000 metres - but also the possibility of an ascent and fine views..)

As often happens, being by water, by the very full little torrents rushing off Moel Hebog, gave me a few minutes of presentmomentness, out of the company for a bit, then back in to social being.

It was a good day, provided you stayed with what was happening, not what could have, or didn't, or still could if....It was a good day, exactly as it was. 

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