Sunday, 5 March 2017

irresponsible wisdom and right action

Sometimes I think I could simply link to David Rynick's blog and leave it to him....

This morning,
rather than diagnosing
and recommending,
in pragmatic prose,
a way through
the current crisis,
I sip tea and
practice being

The dark masters
gather and grumble
at my indolence,
but I courageously resist
their muttered insults and

I have grown old
and weary in
steadfast pursuit of
their fickle approval;
as if freedom could
happen at some other

Every action balances
dungeon and delight:
the endless quest for
self-earned grace or
some rougher and
sweeter enterprise
depending only
on the air that
has already been

This morning again
I practice resistance to
the ancient gods of Self
accomplishment and vow
to disappear into this
one life without

"To disappear into this one life without justification" - maybe that's where we need to go to find the best thing to do in any given circumstance, rather than striving to act by using the ego's promptings and desires. That's the paradox - "there is a field beyond ideas of right and wrong; I'll meet you there," says Rumi.

Maybe we need to let right action* emerge from within, to let it grow in that field beyond right and wrong. There, it can grow free from the needy ego, which seeks to reinforce its sagging foundations by endlessly justifying itself.... for more help from a wise one.


Brynawel said...

I've never encountered Rumi before, but I'm very pleased you've put me in touch with him.

confounded said...

Rumi, I'd like you meet my friend Brynawel. Brynawel, this is my old mate Rumi. Now you see him, now you don't - but he's a useful old geezer at times.

Thank you Brynawel, nice to hear from you.