Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Unity and Brent Geese at the seaside

I recently travelled from the Irish sea coast to the shores of the Solent to visit a close family member who is very ill - though he is doing fine at the moment.

Naturally, I suppose, there are moments on such an occasion when thoughts and emotions swirl somewhat, so I took a little stroll on a very busy prom - lots of people walking, cycling, jogging, driving, parking.

  A large formation of Brent Geese flew very low overhead, honking gently as they adjusted their position. They ignored joggers, cyclists, parked cars etc, and settled on  a large patch of grass.

People round these parts are obviously used to this; no-one took much notice, except some kids who did that wonderful "brave new world" bit they do when they see something for the very first time.

It felt very good to be so close to so many completely wild and untroubled creatures, part of the same busy Sunday morning as all the keepfit citizens.

Then I wandered down to the shoreline to see what the waves had to say - or rather, what would happen when I let my mind stay with the sunshine and the water.

The general feeling was: it fits. All of it. Including my sadness.

Comic relief was provided by a few sanderlings, hurrying neurotically around the line of the incoming waves.

All this on the edge of a big connurbation. Goes to show that you have to take it as it comes when it comes wherever it comes.


blodawel said...

'It fits'. That's the most apt, concise, true representation of making sense of the jumble of feelings/emotions/experiences I've read. Thank you for the calm those two words bring.

cerrig said...

From someone with your sensitivity to the natural environment, Blodawel, those are words I much value. Diolch yn fawr.