Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Welcome to What The Water Says

Greetings. Maybe I know you, maybe I don’t, but you are welcome.

My very close friend Gloriamundi has decided to pass the baton to me; she’s done her bit. (Actually, the baton in her case is probably going to be a bottle of Cote du Rhône..)

Gloria’s ramblings will be left in the aether for any passers-by, and she has kindly agreed to let me edit and re-blog anything she has written.

So what sort of stuff will emerge here?
Funerals (I’m a funeral celebrant) but also, and more frequently, thoughts that emerge from meditating, thoughts about meditating; observations about the natural world and our relationship to it. Music bits and pieces. Stuff from books that I’ve found useful/helpful. 

Maybe family and friends stuff - I'd like them to keep half an eye on this.

Reports back from one human moving into his seventies about mortality, contentment, angst – who knows?

You are very welcome here, and your comments will always be welcome provided they aren’t troll-like. In fact, please do comment, it will sustain my motivation.

What the water says? If I sit by a stream and let my mind stay with the stream and its sounds; if I bring my mind back to the stream when it starts fussing about a sore leg or what’s for tea; if I let my hearing stay with the stream, rather than straining to listen to it – then the water will say much to me, I find. And as for the sea….

"the unplumbed, salt, estranging sea..."

more of that, and lots of other things, anon.

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