Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Welcome to What The Water Says

Greetings. Maybe I know you, maybe I don’t, but you are welcome.

My very close friend Gloriamundi has decided to pass the baton to me; she’s done her bit. (Actually, the baton in her case is probably going to be a bottle of Cote du Rhône..)

Gloria’s ramblings will be left in the aether for any passers-by, and she has kindly agreed to let me edit and re-blog anything she has written.

So what sort of stuff will emerge here?
Funerals (I’m a funeral celebrant) but also, and more frequently, thoughts that emerge from meditating, thoughts about meditating; observations about the natural world and our relationship to it. Music bits and pieces. Stuff from books that I’ve found useful/helpful. 

Maybe family and friends stuff - I'd like them to keep half an eye on this.

Reports back from one human moving into his seventies about mortality, contentment, angst – who knows?

You are very welcome here, and your comments will always be welcome provided they aren’t troll-like. In fact, please do comment, it will sustain my motivation.

What the water says? If I sit by a stream and let my mind stay with the stream and its sounds; if I bring my mind back to the stream when it starts fussing about a sore leg or what’s for tea; if I let my hearing stay with the stream, rather than straining to listen to it – then the water will say much to me, I find. And as for the sea….

"the unplumbed, salt, estranging sea..."

more of that, and lots of other things, anon.


freerangeweddings said...

Lovely start to your new blog and I'm looking forward to you sharing more thoughts.
I too find being near water special - my most favourite being the sea. Despite its dangers. I heard a saying years ago in Norfolk, "Those who don't know the sea get drowned all the time but those of us who do know it only get drowned now and again"
Stay well

cerrig said...

Lovely saying; something very East Anglian and laconic about it! Thanks for coming by - you're my first commenter!

blodawel said...

And I'm your second! Love the look/sound/feel of this new blog. Water speaks to me too. Very immediate it is. And many other things besides.

cerrig said...

Helo, Blodawel, croeso i'r blog. (Sorry, can't quite manage "what the water says" yn Cymraeg!) x